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Anti-mist prevents the formation of mist/fog (H 2 O) inside the pack once sealed, maintaining high visibility of the product when on display.

The terms mist or fog are generally used to describe the condensation of steam (H 2 O) on the surface of the film in the form of water droplets. These water droplets are formed due to Relative Humidity, Temperature and Surface tension of the film inside the pack.

The formation of the water droplets affects the light transmission, which then makes the film appear opaque (Misting).

To counteract this affect, Q4 modify the surface tension of the material, to allow the droplets to form a thin clear layer of water thus eliminating the misting affect.

Q4 Manufacture a specific range of Anti-mist films to suit all low, medium and high respiring products.

On-line computer controls help maintain accurate coating levels throughout the production process for optimum anti-mist performance.


Film without Antimist

Film Q4 Antimist


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